Worker's Compensation
Why do you need a lawyer in a worker’s compensation case?

Worker’s Comp is complicated,
Worker’s Comp is complicated,
Hi Ho, we know it’s so,
Worker’s Comp is complicated.
(Just in case, think “A Hunting We Will Go”)

When you get hurt at work,
When you get hurt at work,
You need to focus on treatment,
When you get hurt at work.

There are forms you need to file,
There’re time limits to be met,
In order to get benefits,
You need to follow rules.
(We could go on and on but I think
you get the point.
Here are just a few reasons you must seek legal advice without delay if you suffer an injury at work:
Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law is extensive and complicated, created by legislators with influence from employers, insurance companies and, to some extent, voters;
There are many pitfalls for the uninformed injured worker;
From the moment a work injury occurs, the injured worker is expected to satisfy certain treatment procedures as well as completion of various forms;
Any mistakes in following initial legal procedures (even where no litigation is pending) may cost an injured employee his/her benefits and/or his/her job;
If an injury claim is denied, a lawyer is indispensable;
If an employer fails to provide a light duty job assignment to an injured worker, a lawyer is indispensable;
If an employer fails to accurately calculate the disability rate, a lawyer is indispensable;
If an employer fails to pay disability benefits, a lawyer is indispensable;
If an employer fails to provide paid medical treatment, a lawyer is indispensable;
If an employer offers a settlement, a lawyer is absolutely indispensable!!
If an employee fails to meet his/her obligations as to medical treatment, light duty work assignments, and more, the employee may be terminated with no legal recourse or right to unemployment compensation;
The medical community is obviously essential in treating an injured worker’s injuries but many physicians are not familiar with an employee’s obligations under workers’ compensation law.
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