Unemployment Compensation
If you’ve been hired,
You may be fired,
The law may be mired,
You’re frustrated and tired.

It’s nothing too dire,
The lawyer you hire,
Will untangle the briar,
Protects from those slyer.
Pennsylvania is an “at will” employment state. This means that, unless you have an employment contract, you may be fired with or without cause “at will.” If you are fired for cause, you may not be able to collect unemployment compensation. If you must go through an unemployment compensation hearing to determine whether or not you are eligible for compensation, you must be able to defend yourself against accusations by your employer. Are most non-lawyers able to defend themselves competently in a legal proceeding?

Without sounding redundant and repetitive and like a broken record, a lawyer is essential in an unemployment compensation case unless the terminated employee does not care to obtain benefits or protect his/her reputation against employer charges. Obviously, a fired employee does not have to file for unemployment compensation.

If benefits are needed, retain a lawyer to assist with your claim!

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law is, once again, complicated, drafted by legislators with influence from employers. There are many obstacles and pitfalls for terminated employees. Many times, there may be a prejudice toward a fired employee, assuming that he/she would not have gotten fired if he/she did not deserve it.

Mistakes in the initial phases of the claim may cost the terminated employee much needed benefits. If the claim is denied, a lawyer is essential at the hearing. If the employer appeals an employee’s successful claim, a lawyer is essential for the appeals hearing. Legal representation throughout the claim will help create a useable record for the appeal.
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