Social Security Disability

If someone is disabled, SSD or I,
There’s lots of rules to satisfy, SSD or I,
With a lawyer’s help,
To prepare a claim,
File a claim,
Gather proof,
Chance of success is improved,
With a lawyer’s help!
(Think of that ol’ farm, eieio.)
Social security is that government pot we all pay into as required by law. The hope is that some day we will be able to receive something back from it when we retire and are too old to work. In addition, limited social security benefits may pay out to family survivors in the event of the death of a worker.

A disabled adult, not necessarily elderly, may be medically unable to work whether from physical or mental problems. In some cases, if the disability is proved and no viable work may be found, this person may be entitled to receive social security benefits. Procedures are governed by very comprehensive social security rules and laws. Chances for the initial denial of a claim are very high. A lawyer may improve the ultimate chance of success for a disability claim.
Why should you have a lawyer for a social security claim? Here is some food for thought:
The majority of SSD and SSI claims are initially, maybe even arbitrarily, denied;
An initial denial should not discourage a claimant from further pursuit;
If a claim is denied, a lawyer is essential to proceed down the appeals road;
SSI cases are based on disability and financial need, with payment of benefits subject to no waiting period;
SSD cases are based on disability and past earnings, with payment of benefits subject to a five-month waiting period;
Attorney’s fees are contingent and are paid from past-due benefits, meaning the claimant does not pay an hourly fee or an ongoing fee out of current monthly benefits;
A case scheduled for a hearing is treated like any court hearing. A claimant unfamiliar with all of the rules and requirements that must be proven in order to receive benefits is going to have a very hard time making it through the hearing much less being successful.
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