Real Estate
Is a lawyer really necessary
to help with real estate?
With agents, bankers, buyers, sellers, friends, for goodness sake. The prices, commissions and loan fees are expensive enough, It must be cheaper to skip a lawyer and deal with the stuff.

Before you decide to save on the fee, Check into the cost, you’ll be amazed what you see, Having a lawyer protecting your needs in a real estate deal,Is not a large cost for the security you’ll feel.
Ironically, in many cases, a lawyer may actually save you some costs for your real estate settlement. Remember, once a contract is signed, it is a legally binding document. If you discover a problem in the transaction after the contracts have been signed, you are still bound! People like to “scream” fraud to attempt to escape their contractual obligations, but, in fact, under the law, fraud is quite difficult to establish (not to mention expensive with the litigation involved to do so). So, obviously, having a lawyer represent your interests throughout a real estate transaction is not costly, may actually save you money and definitely saves you the high cost of litigation involved in problems arising from a non-lawyer transaction.

Peterson & Peterson assists clients with all aspects of real estate transactions and works hard to anticipate and solve problems before they spoil or unreasonably delay the transaction. We work closely with the mortgage lender of the Buyers to complete the sale. We work for our clients to determine whether there are problems (“clouds”) on the title that must be resolved before settlement. It is our goal to ensure that, when you sit down at the settlement table and sign the myriad of documents, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that your rights were and are protected throughout the process.

Believe it or not, there are other areas of real estate law besides purchases and sales. Rights-of-way, easements, boundary disputes, landlord-tenant matters, and nuisance are just a few. Peterson & Peterson assists clients with these issues as well, advising on cost-effective courses of action, legal rights and options, as well as the pursuit of necessary court actions.
Peterson & Peterson is available
to help you with:
Documentation Preparation
( i.e. Sales Agreements, Deeds, etc.)
Title Searches
Judgment Searches
Lien Searches
Title Insurance Agent
Escrow Agent
Eminent Domain
Private Road Issues
Right-of-Way Issues
Neighbor Disputes
Landlord-Tenant Matters
Condominium Homeowners’ Association Matters
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