Personal Injury
When we read or hear about persons injured in accidents, many times we begrudge efforts to “squeeze” money out of the person(s) or entity(ies) who were, in some way, responsible for the accident.
After all, accidents do happen through no fault of anyone or thing. No normal person looks forward to immersing him or herself in the litigation process. In order to receive money damages, injuries must be endured and complete recovery may be unlikely.

It is very easy to scoff at money recoveries when you are healthy and pain-free, able to work to support you and/or your family. But, imagine through no fault of your own, whether in a car accident, slip and fall at the store, use of a defective appliance or tool, or whatever, you find yourself injured, in pain, unable to work and unable to receive compensation of any kind for bills, food, mortgage. You may have insurance but, between medical appointments, stress, worry, pain, depression, it is difficult to think clearly and understand the benefits available to you. The other party may have insurance but, again, in addition to everything, their insurance company may be very reluctant to deal fairly with you. The quicker you sign their release, the happier they will be to get rid of you.

Once again, you need a lawyer! A good lawyer will be able to advise you of your insurance benefits and contact the insurance adjusters as necessary. A good lawyer will be able to evaluate the circumstances of your accident to determine what, if any, legal rights you should pursue. If there is no responsible person to sue, the lawyer will advise you accordingly. You may be entitled to monetary compensation from other areas with which you are unfamiliar.

The important thing to remember is that, while you are riding the emotional and painful express train of injury, recovery, rehabilitation, and healing, your lawyer can handle the business matters to help you remain on your financial feet. Remember, there are specific time limits that must be met within which legal actions must be initiated. No one can comprehend the absolute life altering effect of that one instant until and unless it happens to him or her. A good lawyer helps with the business and money concerns while you focus on the mental and physical ordeals.
Peterson & Peterson can help you with:
Asserting property damage claims
Asserting defective product claims
Asserting accident claims
Claims for lost wages and future lost earning potential
Unpaid medical bills
Investigation of the merits of a lawsuit against responsible party(ies) for claims of ongoing pain and suffering and other losses arising from the accident or injury
Dealing with insurance adjusters and investigating all benefits available for you while you are unable to work
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