Family Law
Divorce is divorce, of course, of course,
Emotional pain, loss, and sad remorse,
Who should you turn to for law source?
It’s a mess we will help you shed.

People yakkety yak a stream,
With lots and lots to say,
Their well-meaning advice and talk,
Is based on anger and hearsay.

So you need a good lawyer, of course,
To deal with your legal problems, of course,
Let us be your legal resource,
Family law no need to dread.

(Believe me, coming up with legal rhymes
to the tune of “Mr. Ed” takes patience,
creativity and longevity.

The area of family law consists of divorce, child and spousal support (and, possibly, alimony), child custody, adoption, name changes, guardianship of children, guardianship of incapacitated persons, prenuptial agreements, to name a few. Obviously, when issues arise concerning close relationships emotions run extremely high, whether in joy or devastation or happiness or anger. When emotions are high, rational thinking may suffer. A lawyer not only has the expertise to handle your legal needs but, additionally, has the ability to separate from the emotional upheaval and help you negotiate the legal maze to a suitable resolution.

Our family law clients receive a folder full of practical pointers that, hopefully, provide some food for thought and help answer some frequent questions and/or problems that may arise in the family law arena.
Here are our Top 10 common sense reasons that a lawyer is necessary to assist you with your family law issues:
Judges and divorce/custody masters prefer dealing with lawyers because they should know and understand the law, should be able to explain it to their client(s), should recognize the pros and cons of settlement proposals, advising clients accordingly, and should only pursue litigation as necessary, following appropriate procedural rules;
Child support and spousal support are calculated using specific statutory grids and non-lawyers are usually unfamiliar with many possible defenses and reasons to vary from the guideline grids;
Most divorce actions and child custody matters involve extreme emotion, with hurt, anger, thoughts of revenge, motivating people to make rash choices and take rash action. These choices and actions may be extremely expensive and, ultimately, ineffective and, in fact, detrimental to the client and child(ren). Lawyers should help clients to reach cost-effective, law-abiding resolutions which allow parties and child(ren) to move forward beyond the pain;
Lawyers take the guesswork out of document preparation, form and content, filing procedures, case completion and compliance with time deadlines;
Lawyers are retained to be your advocate and advise you of your rights and obligations, without possible influences of family relationship, friendship, or other factors which may prejudice;
A lawyer is not a “yes man (or woman).” Your case is evaluated and the merit is addressed, good or bad or maybe. Knowledgeable and rational recommendations are given to allow you to make informed choices and decisions.
What if you save the cost of retaining a lawyer and lose your interest in a pension or lose custody of your children or lose your house or lose any other of your many legal rights?
A guardianship is not automatic but may be achieved through document preparation and filing rather than a lengthy and expensive court action.
If you go to a dentist for tooth care and a doctor for health care and a church for spiritual care, you should have a lawyer for legal care.
You need a lawyer BECAUSE….
Peterson & Peterson is available to help family law clients with:
Child Support
Spousal Support/Alimony Pendente Lite/Alimony
Equitable Distribution of Property
Child Custody
Name Change
Guardianship of Children
Guardianship of Incapacitated Persons
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