Debt Relief Agent
A few years ago, Congress amended
the federal bankruptcy laws.
An experienced debt relief agent (formerly referred to
as a bankruptcy lawyer) will help you determine whether bankruptcy is right for you and, if so, which chapter is best suited to your debt situation.

The most important thing to know is that the ship
has not sailed on bankruptcy protection. In fact, most individuals still qualify for relief under the amended bankruptcy laws. A Chapter 7 petition still discharges most, if not all, unsecured debts. A Chapter 13 petition still protects a home from foreclosure. A Chapter 13 petition still protects cars from repossession. A bankruptcy filing still stops sheriff’s sales.

As soon as a debt relief agent is retained, the creditor cannot continue the repetitive telephone calls. Lawsuits from creditors are stayed (or postponed) once the petition is filed. Work out plans may help to dig out from under the load of debt while preserving assets.
Currently, individuals or couples with the following annual income levels still may qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection without paying creditors:
Individual - $41,971 per year
Couples - $49,226 per year
Family of four - $74,072 per year
Higher income earners may also qualify.
These income levels are adjusted periodically.
If you are suffering from the headaches of excessive debt, you need a (debt relief agent) lawyer!
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